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Paper w78-1996-435:
An information model for the preliminary design of buildings

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Rivard H, Gomez N, Fenves S J

An information model for the preliminary design of buildings

Abstract: This paper presents the current status of the information model of SEED-Config, one of the modules of the SEED (Software Environment to support the Early phases in building Design) prototype being developed at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Adelaide. The goal of this information model is twofold: to store the design data as it is generated during the conceptual design and to support case-based reasoning. The main constructs of this information model are building entities, containment and domain specific relationships, technologies, components, groups, and classifiers. Design knowledge is represented through technology hierarchies. This information model is being implemented in SPROUT, an information language. The paper concludes with a discussion on the use of this information model in support of case-based reasoning.



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