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Paper w78-1996-449:
Pragmatic implementation of an integrated building design system

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Rode C, Grau K

Pragmatic implementation of an integrated building design system

Abstract: A set of simple procedures has been developed to facilitate data exchange betweenapplications for building design and analysis using the ISO STEP standard. A system architecture hasbeen devised that uses these procedures to bind small building analysis models together to fulfill acomplete design task. A system of small program modules is currently under development which, inthe first place, will function as a replacement for a conventional, stand-alone transient thermal analysisprogram. The system is based upon a common data model for a building, which is actually the unionof partial data models for the small program modules involved. New submodels will be added in alater stage so the scope of the system becomes broader than thermal analysis alone. The anticipatedend result is a pragmatic version of an integrated building design system that can easily be adaptedin today's building design practices.



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