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Paper w78-1996-457:
The impact of construct IT and the management of organizational change

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Shen Q

The impact of construct IT and the management of organizational change

Abstract: The paper introduces preliminary findings derived from a research project that aims at exploring the state-of-the-art of IT applications in the construction and property industry in Hong Kong and assessing their impact on the industry, at both organisational and individual levels. It also aims to assist organisations in the industry to understand ITís impact, and to act positively in designing and managing organisational changes, so as to enhance the competitiveness of local business and industrial sectors, and widen the scope of IT applications. IT applications are probably the most visible technological change in recent years. Through case studies, this paper illustrates the changes IT can bring into the construction and property industry, and the importance and methods of managing planned change, by which the ability of an organisation to adapt to changes can be improved, and employee behaviour can also be changed.



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