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Paper w78-1996-479:
Object-oriented models for integrated intelligent project management

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Tah J H M

Object-oriented models for integrated intelligent project management

Abstract: Current project management systems are too abstract and do not have a means of representing concrete knowledge about a problem domain. Previous research in this area has failed to address larger problem domains to a level of success significant enough to make an impact in the construction industry. Object-orientation appears to provide a powerful means of encapsulating knowledge in intelligent object classes and together with the product modelling approach promise to provide a solution for larger problem domians. This paper presents selected object models that have evolved from research work aimed at investigating new approaches to the provision of knowledge-based decision support within large integrated project management systems. The work utilises the object modelling approach to software engineering and is precipitating in what may potentially progress from foundation classes to software components for project management. The continual re-use and development of such classes and components will evolve standard application information requirements that can contribute towards ISO-STEPs efforts in developing application protocols and standards for data exchange and interoperability.



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