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Paper w78-1996-491:
Specification-orientated processing: integrating and sustaining what?

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Toms P

Specification-orientated processing: integrating and sustaining what?

Abstract: This paper argues that basic terms, including specification, product, contract and asset are inadequately defined by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). Inconsistent identification and representation of decision-making information results, hindering the development of integrated computer handling of information. An improved definition of specification and contract is proposed for a specification-orientated approach to integrated information handling, using definitions of product and asset proposed previously. Inconsistent definitions found in British Standard BSO are discussed to illustrate the problem. Some requirements of a specification-orientated task controller are presented to handle specifications, as defined in the paper, in an integrated and sustainable manner. Limitations met when trying to handle a proliferation of standards are considered. The different requirements of adding-value in production, sustainable production and the regulation of productive activity are outlined. The paper concludes that a review of basic terms should provide a formal definition of the category of information used for decision-making. The term specification is considered to be appropriate.



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