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Paper w78-1996-503:
A scenario for building regulations processin in a networked engineering environment

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Turk Z

A scenario for building regulations processin in a networked engineering environment

Abstract: Building regulations and other similar documents embed extensive knowledge which decisively influences construction products throughout their life cycle. I has proven very difficult to convert the whole meaning of a building regulation into a computer program. A likely scenario is, that there will exists different networked computer programs (regulation servers) which will be able to handle some, but not all provisions of the regulation. Regulation servers may use different approaches for the representation of the building code knowledge, different conformance checking mechanisms and different interfaces to the outside world, but in order to be useful in a networked engineering environment they should be able to advertise their service and to interface to client programs in a way useful to their clients. The paper presents work in progress related to the integration of electronic processing of building codes into a concurrent engineering environment, the requirements and an overall system architecture which addresses some of the problems discussed above.



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