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Paper w78-1997-275:
An intranet-based integrated construction project management system

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Mak S

An intranet-based integrated construction project management system

Abstract: This paper will explore the feasibility of using Internet technologies to build an integratedconstruction project management system for a contractor. Internet technologies refer towhat are commonly used in the Internet. They include hardware equipment such ascomputer, modem, telecommunication devices, network cabling; and software such asTCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP and so on. When these internet technologies are employed ina corporate environment in which there is either (i) no connection to the Internet at all, or(ii) a security system (e.g. firewall) to separate the corporate network from the Internet, thesystem becomes an Intranet as commonly known nowadays. By using Internettechnologies, a contractor can set up a corporate LAN in the head office. Project offices arethen linked to the corporate LAN by telecommunication such as dial-up, leased line orframe relay. A corporate database can be set up with a Web interface so that all queries,data input and output to the database can be done via a Web client. Modules that areapplicable to a contractor include (i) electronic mail; (ii) tendering and estimating; (iii)purchasing; (iv) quantity surveying (interim payments, claims, variations); (v) documentmanagement; (vi) quality assurance; (vii) project accounting. An integrated system is seenas of utmost importance in a contractor's environment. The advantages of using Internettechnologies and this system will be discussed. An implementation schedule will bepresented. Possible difficulties such as organizational and technical issues will bediscussed too. Possible extension of the Intranet to an Extranet will be explored.



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