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Paper w78-1997-359:
A design tool with integrated knowledgeand code checking for concrete beams

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Stuurstraat N

A design tool with integrated knowledgeand code checking for concrete beams

Abstract: Knowledge-based expert system technology has been applied most successfully todiagnosis problems. Expert systems have also been developed for fault detection,prediction, interpretation, monitoring and planning. Despite their useful applicability in theearly design stage of the structural design process there is a poor number of expert systemsdeveloped for the structural engineer. An expert system developed for structural design problems exhibits certain similarities todiagnostic expert systems. The results from the calculations have to be analysed anddepending on the diagnosis certain actions can be taken or advises can be given. Forsolving a design problem the expert system will first of all have the task of finding aninitial design configuration using heuristic knowledge based on rules of thumb and defaultvalues. Numeric algorithmic procedures are then applied to determine the performance ofthe design. The design process can therefore be thought of as being subdivided into adesign part and a diagnostic/analytic part. The problem of structural design can in generalbe characterised as a search for a solution amongst a large number of alternatives that allsatisfy the specified constraints.



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