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Paper w78-1997-67:
An information exchange measurement matrix for construction organisations

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Baldwin A N, Thorpe A, Carter C

An information exchange measurement matrix for construction organisations

Abstract: The successful introduction of electronic information exchange within and betweenconstruction organisations is dependent upon organisations being receptive to newtechnology. This is a business not a technology issue and a full understanding oforganisational aspects is imperative if electronic information exchange technologies are tobe successfully introduced. Moreover, unless organisations are aware of the changesrequired and participate positively in the process of change then new systems will not realize their full potential.Following consultation with the IT management of leading construction contractors thecritical factors relating to the successful introduction of electronic information exchangewere identified. These were divided into two categories: those factors independent of theapplication function; and process related factors. These factors are reviewed and presentedin a matrix. This is the Information Exchange Measurement Matrix a tool for organisationsto determine their progress towards the successful adoption of electronic commerce. Thetool is independent of the type of information exchange technology that is to be adopted.Organisations may use the matrix to establish their readiness for the introduction of newtechnologies. Consideration of how to move from one element of the matrix to anothergenerates the critical factors necessary to effect such change.

Keywords: Information Exchange, Electronic Commerce, Performance Monitoring,Integration


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