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Paper w78-1997-89:
Experiences from developing a buildingmaintenance knowledge node.

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Christiansson P

Experiences from developing a buildingmaintenance knowledge node.

Abstract: The paper describes how technical building maintenance in the future can be effectivelycommunicated using Internet services. The research and development is done togetherwith the potential end users of the system (9 large building operations and maintenancefirms in Sweden). The national Swedish SERFIN , Maintenance ExperienceCommunication on Internet, project is described together with the philosophy behind thesystem, underlying models, and enabling technologies. The system under development is aknowledge node on the Internet where users independent of room and time can search forquality-marked information ,place questions and get answers back. The system alsocaptures knowledge within the area. The development work is supported by a workingarea and the in-house demonstrator development method. Both system and working areareside on the Internet. The latter are slowly transformed to an O&M area which supportsall the processes for knowledge handling and content quality assurance. Experiences andlessons learned as well as underlying system functionality and structure are reported.

Keywords: Knowledge communication, building maintenance, industry collaboration,collaborative work, multimedia, system design, World Wide Web, modelling.


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