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Paper w78-1998-11:
A framework for research of IT application in Croatian construction companies

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Bandic M, Izetbegovic J

A framework for research of IT application in Croatian construction companies

Abstract: Croatian construction companies are passing dramatically changes by privatisation and restructuring according to the market needs of today and especially during future huge reconstruction and development of Croatian (as well Bosnia and Herzegovina) economy. The market conditions in these Republics are for now: scarcity of financial means, scarcity of personal educated and trained in modern management methods, scarcity of some profiles of skilled people in construction, very strong competition of foreign companies, since Croatian (and B and H) market is now open for foreign companies. The specific after war conditions include also new legal and business structure (completely new legislative based on the practice of developed western democratic states) new financial structure and institutions (also based on the financial structure of the developed countries). In the chaining of the subsystems: [ ownership - undertaking - management - transformed ownership] , information technology is fundamental but not sufficient enabler for quality decision making and efficiently management of the construction processes. Based on the IT application, there are necessary educated and trained management people, adequate decisions, and realisation. By adequate IT application design and construction processes are probably rationalised and accelerated, by satisfaction of the high quality standards, so that construction companies could easier adapt to market needs. What are necessary prerequisites (organization, IT, personnel, other) for making and carrying out of the quality decisions? In which degree IT application (modern information technologies, expert systems, CAD/CAM, GIS, CASE) influence on decision quality? What are other factors are influencing (knowledge degree, psychological state, environment, market)? On such question have been proposed and accepted research program under the name "Development of IT application in Croatian construction companies" by Croatian Ministry for science and technology. The goals: * Continually research of development of IT application in companies that are active in design, construction and maintenance of construction objects. * Comparative overview of IT application state to different criteria * Proposition of strategy development of IT application in construction * Creation of IT data base for information and experience exchange between the foreign and domestic construction companies * Proposition of education programme of IT application in construction * The questionnaire is now in distribution, and research will be carried out in the next three years. * The paper will explain the research approach, and eventually the first results.



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