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Paper w78-1998-14:
Softdesk energy: an effective methodology for integrating CAD and energy analysis

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Gowri K, Chassin D P

Softdesk energy: an effective methodology for integrating CAD and energy analysis

Abstract: Integrating energy analysis within a CAD environment provides designers the opportunity to evaluate the energy impact of design decisions much earlier in the design process than previously possible with simulation tools. Softdesk Energy is a design tool that integrates building energy analysis capability (ASHRAE "SEAM") into a highly automated production drafting environment (AutoCAD and Softdesk AutoArchitect). The authors review the technical challenges of integrating analytic methods into design tools, the opportunities such integrated tools create for building designers, and the uses of such a tool from the perspective of a current user of Softdesk Energy. A comparison between the simplified calculations in Softdesk Energy and detailed simulations using DOE-2 energy analysis is made to evaluate the applicability of the simplified analysis during preliminary design stages. As a unique example of integrating design and drafting, Softdesk Energy provides an opportunity to study the strengths and weaknesses of integrated design tools and gives some insight into the future direction of the CAD software towards meeting the needs of diverse design disciplines. This paper will present the modeling extensions required to enhance CAD data for energy analysis using a geometry interpreter and user-interface features required to assist designers with appropriate default values. In addition, details of the Industry Foundation Class developed by IAI and how it can support integration of energy analysis will also be presented.



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