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Paper w78-1998-43:
Concurrent engineering in the tendering process of building and construction

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, Jagbeck A, Karstila K

Concurrent engineering in the tendering process of building and construction

Abstract: CONCUR (Concurrent Design and Engineering in Building and Civil Engineering) is a four year initiative in the European Union Brite-EuRam workprogramme involving industry partners Skanska (Se), IVO Power Engineering (Fi) and Taylor Woodrow (UK), the specification body STABU (Nl), R and D institutions VTT (Fi) and TNO (Nl), and universities DUT (Nl) and KTH (Se). The project will develop, implement and industrially deploy an integrated CAx environment for concurrent construction tendering. CONCUR is addressing the integration of information in the stages which lead to submission of tenders. The goal is to reduce tendering cost by 30 - 50% using integrated information systems and applications. The tendering process is a complex process involving many disciplines each of which uses different types of information. . In essence it is an information refinement process, in each refinement cycle addressing the high risk aspects of the moment. In CONCUR we are addressing the integrated use of information and applications, using Project (Product and Process) Data Technology Using the major informational items the refinement process will come to information specifications. The specifications being derived are not re-invented but use is made of existing and emerging standards such as STEP and IAI. Results of the CONCUR efforts can be fed back to STEP and IAI.



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