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Paper w78-1999-2358:
The project reporter: multimedia progress reporting for construction projects

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Saad I M H

The project reporter: multimedia progress reporting for construction projects

Abstract: The A/E/C industry is the largest US industry. It forms about ten percent of the dollar value of the US GNP, with a total annual volume for new construction exceeding $500 billion. Many of these projects are plagued with delays, over-expenditures, design changes, and other unexpected conditions jeopardizing the smooth and timely completion of the project. Regular and accurate reporting on project progress offers a continuous vital diagnosis of the project status, enabling different project team-members to make proper decisions on any necessary corrective actions to safeguard the project and ensure its completion. This paper discusses a new interactive multimedia system that can be used by different project team-members to document and report progress in construction projects, as well as a tool to analyze this progress and help predict the final project outcome. The interactive multimedia approach was selected to minimize the paperwork, provide timely update, and ensure a safe and easy method for document storage and retrieval. This research aimed at developing a practical and applicable tool to serve as a model of the interaction between academia and industry in the field of construction research and practice.



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