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Paper w78-1999-2876:
Process modelling for planning and management of facilities: a re-engineering approach

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Ojwaka P M

Process modelling for planning and management of facilities: a re-engineering approach

Abstract: This research had two major objectives. The first was to determine and evaluate the factors required in facilities management and the effect of business type on them and the second was to develop and test a model for management of facilities based on the factors. Factor evaluation revealed that for 76% of the factors there were no differences between the respondents regardless of business affiliation. Where there were differences they hinged on business specific process dimensions. The results of the factor analysis and the basis of the factors used in the analysis enabled the conclusion that the resultant factors are important in facilities management. A facility management model made up of process, need, service delivery and assessment sub models was created. The model represents the facilities management environment via three variables namely, real time needs, real time status of the facilities and service concept. In field tests, the model was found to be both effective and efficient at handling management information.



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