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Paper w78-2000-1040:
The industrial implementation of VR: lessons from Japan

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White J, Bouchlaghem D, Thorpe A

The industrial implementation of VR: lessons from Japan

Abstract: "Virtual reality (VR) allows the interactive real-time viewing of 3D building models and can greatly facilitate the process of visualising, evaluating and communicating new building designs. Though its use has been widely researched by the academic community, the transfer of VR techniques into industry has been slow. To accelerate the rate of industrial adoption the experience of leading industrial users can be analysed through cross-industry and cross-cultural comparisons. This paper considers the computer-aided design (CAD) and VR use of three large Japanese housebuilders using a multiple case study approach. Interviews were conducted with the housebuilders on a study visit to Japan in June 1999 and the findings of the study are contextualised to provide a greater understanding of the constraints and opportunities for VR implementation, through comparison with the use of CAD and VR in British housebuilding. It was found that advanced 3D CAD and VR techniques are being used extensively in the Japanese housebuilding sector of the construction industry. Unlike in Britain, VR models are used to aid in the house design or customisation process in consultation with the customer, and are created before the customer signs the contract. Uptake of VR and the integration of VR use into the existing company structures and practices have been faster in Japan than in other countries and the reasons for this are considered. The wider implications of the findings for the future industrial use of VR in the construction industry are discussed, and the paper concludes by setting out the lessons that can be learnt from Japan for the promotion of industrial use of VR within the international construction industry."



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