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Paper w78-2000-190:
International construction projects: effects of cross-cultural training on the productivity of project Personnel

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Choudhury I

International construction projects: effects of cross-cultural training on the productivity of project Personnel

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to examine the perceived effects of cross-cultural training of project personnel, involved with the construction of international projects by US contractors, on their productivity. It is indicated by a number of studies that cross-cultural training of the project personnel is an important factor for successful implementation of construction projects away from home. Some other studies, particularly related to international business, suggest that important issues for a meaningful cross-cultural training include an exposure to the prevailing environmental, economic, political, linguistic, political, and technological factors of the host country. The study investigated whether these factors are relevant for international construction with reference to the project personnel employed by the US contractors operating in an international environment. The study population consisted of US contractors who operate globally. Relevant data was collected by mail using a survey instrument. Sample size of the study was 35 contractors. The data was analyzed using multiple regression technique. The findings generated from the analysis of the data indicated that the effects of the knowledge of environmental, technological, economic, linguistic, labor, and social issues related to the host country were statistically significant on the productivity of the project personnel employed by the contractors for implementation of international construction projects.



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