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Paper w78-2000-277:
An integrated management information system for construction projects

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Dikbas A, Yitmen I, Morten B

An integrated management information system for construction projects

Abstract: Current research focus in the construction industry is directed at implementation of an effective information management based integrated system environment. Construction organizations are developing methodologies of integrating information technology in the work environment of their operations. All construction process improvement strategy is based on integration of effective project planning, monitoring and control techniques provided by an enterprise level of integration of all organizational parameters, functions, members and incorporated technologies. Creating an automated information system in computerized environments via networks using web-based technology enables top-level management to visualize various types planning information to support decision making. Based on the Donation Program which, began in 1997, ITU Campus Construction Projects have been multiplying due to the increased donations from volunteer companies and individuals. Istanbul Technical University’s Project Management Center, established as a research institute center under ITU Rectorate with the main aim seeking efficient solutions in planning, executing and controlling all construction projects within the university campus. The university construction projects are financed through two separate funds. PMC is responsible of managing multiple projects financed through the funding bodies, State Budget and ITU Foundation. For this purpose PMC has undertaken a research project “An Integrated Automation System for ITU Campus Construction Projects”. The objective of this project was to develop an integrated information management tool for effective management of multiple construction projects consisting of monitoring schedule, cost and funding components. This paper describes the model involving the integration of an automation system through decision support utilities for multi-project analysis using web-based technology. The system formulates a process for accumulating the data (all project related documents) in a multi-project environment for multi-task decisions to achieve completion of the multi-projects on time within budget. A review of similar systems available in other countries will be discussed in detail. The paper concludes with a discussion of how the proposed system contributes to the development of the construction industry



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