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Paper w78-2000-321:
Directions in construction IT strategies in Australia

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Eden J, Eng C S, McGeorge D

Directions in construction IT strategies in Australia

Abstract: "There is a growing awareness of the value of information and communications technology to bring together the major parties in the construction process and share information in a meaningful way. A number of organisations in Australia are providing leadership and direction through the development and implementation of policies on the use of information technology in the construction industry. These include NSW Government, the Australian Procurement and construction Council (APCC) and the International Alliance for Interoperability ? Australasia Chapter (IAI-AC). In April 1998 the NSW Government launched its discussion paper, Information Technology in Construction setting out propositions as to how information technology could be effectively used to provide value for money for NSW Government capital works procurement by improving communication and teamwork during all phases of design, construction and facilities management. A policy document is to be prepared during early 2000 to further develop and implement the ideas and strategies in the discussion paper. The Australian Procurement and Construction Council with representatives from Commonwealth, State and Territory jurisdictions in Australia, is drafting a framework to provide industry and government agencies with an awareness of issues and to set directions for the take up of information technology. The IAI-AC has adopted a new direction for a broader role in information technology usage rather than just concentrating on the technology tools such as Industry Foundation Classes. This strategy should be developed by February/March 2000. The combined strategies of the NSW Government, the APCC and the IAI-AC crystallise time frames and objectives for the construction industry in terms of IT take up, and what can be achieved by effective communication and information sharing through the whole of a project's life cycle. This paper reviews the current aims and strategies of the three organisations in promoting IT uptake in the Australian construction industry."



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