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Paper w78-2000-513:
Integrated design of an automation system to solve cost estimation problems in design phase

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Kanoglu A

Integrated design of an automation system to solve cost estimation problems in design phase

Abstract: "Architectural offices have a complex nature due to the large number of participants that are involved in the design process although they are considered simple organizations. One of the basic project-based problems that architects encounter in design process is to keep the construction costs under the limit given by the customers of the projects and to enlighten the customers about the impacts of their decisions on building costs. Calculation of the impacts of alternative decisions on building costs must be a continuous activity during the design stage and the models developed for the architectural practices should also provide this kind of tools for the architects. Although some of the CAD based software provide this facility, they have limitations. As for the commercial software packages for architectural practices, they were designed mostly in an accounting oriented approach and do not provide cost estimation facilities. This paper presents the integrated design of a computer based office automation system, ASAP (Automation System for Architectural Practices), a model for architectural offices that was developed by considering the lacks of currently available office automation models and the cost estimation system (ASAP-CE) that can be integrated or works independently to expose the estimated costs of alternative solutions for building design."



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