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Paper w78-2000-535:
Monitoring a national construction IT programme

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Kiviniemi A, Laitinen J, Lautanala M, Kangas R

Monitoring a national construction IT programme

Abstract: "The context of the paper is Finnish national VERA (Information Networking in the Construction Process) technology programme (see http://cic.vtt.fi/vera/english.htm). The target of the programme is to promote the implementation and use of IT and information networks as an enabler for re-engineering the construction process. The paper describes the evaluation process and results of the VERA programme after the first three years 1997-1999. The evaluation will be made by one domestic and one international evaluator. The evaluation will take place between December 1999 and February 2000. The issues of the evaluation report will be: - whether or not industry?s expectations have been met by the VERA programme - are the results of the projects well disseminated - is industry applying the results of the completed projects - what are the indicators that would demonstrate change and improvement - have the improvements identified by the projects been realised on other projects - where projects have been successful what are the reasons for success, and likewise where projects have not achieved their expectations, then why not - are the goals of the programme still valid or should the future focus be changed The paper will also try to compare Vera programme and its results with some similar efforts in other countries, like IT Bygg och Fastighet 2002 (IT Construction and Real Estate 2002) in Sweden and Construction IT in UK. The paper will try to identify the benefits and weaknesses of different R and D funding and facilitating mechanisms. Finally the conclusions and further goals and activities of the VERA programme for the last three years, 2000-2002 are presented."



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