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Paper w78-2000-825:
Integrating a case-based-reasoning application with virtual reality to portray building pathology movies

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Shelbourn M, Aouad G, Hoxley M

Integrating a case-based-reasoning application with virtual reality to portray building pathology movies

Abstract: "Building defects are notoriously difficult to identify, even by the most experienced surveyor. Traditional training methods of identifying defects in buildings involved the physical visiting of a property. This has become more difficult as insurance and organisational issues have made this practice unsafe and costly. Methods of training surveyors are being brought up to date with the introduction of desktop technology to provide learners with a rich set of learning resources in a much easier format. Defects generated from real life cases using digital cameras are stored in a format that can be then used to train inexperienced surveyors. The identification of the types of building defects is done using case-based-reasoning technologies. This paper describes a system where a case-based-reasoning application is linked to virtual reality software. The architecture of the system is described and the feedback from surveyors is analysed. The methodology is based on collecting data from industrialists, which is stored in the case-based system and simulated in the virtual reality environment. An iterative approach is used to develop the system and validate it."



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