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Paper w78-2000-852:
Measuring construction performance using a comprehensive approach

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Sinthawanarong K

Measuring construction performance using a comprehensive approach

Abstract: "This study presents an investigation and development of a construction performance measurement model. A literature review indicated that researchers have offered a variety of models in an attempt to examine construction performance but existing models may not be adequate to embrace a comprehensive measure. Literature reviews were used to develop a working structure for the development of a new conceptual model. There are generally four areas by which individual performance may best constitute overall construction effectiveness: Time, Cost, Quality and Safety. Various conceptual and application models are reviewed and their limitations are highlighted. A psychology-based measurement mechanism (ProMES) is proposed as the modelling environment. Basic components of the model were determined by questionnaire surveys and a review of literature. It was concluded that project progress variation, time delay, variances of labour and material cost, plant utilisation, quality procedure approval, non-conformance of products, and accident occurrence and investment index will be used in the evaluation model as performance indicators. To address the issues of reliability and feasibility, the model was computerised using Visual Basic on objective-hierarchical mechanisms and implemented in five participating construction sites. Results from a comparative study between the model and subjective measurement indicated that an output based on the newly developed model produces significantly better results."



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