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Paper w78-2000-948:
Paradigmatic framework for construction information technology

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Turk Z

Paradigmatic framework for construction information technology

Abstract: "The problems we are dealing with in construction IT were known in the sixties, and are 30 years later still not solved. The hypothesis is that the reason for this is that (1) the scientific base for construction IT, its paradigmatic framework, is not explicit and (2) that the framework, as implicitly present through research practice, is a wrong one and that (3) a paradigm shift is needed. In the paper the author fist introduces the concept of paradigmatic frameworks for sciences. Such frameworks include axiology, ontology, epistemology and methodology. Current research practices of construction IT will be matched against these categories. Problems of the current paradigm are identified. One being that the objects of research in construction IT are second order constructs which require different research methodologies than used in sciences studying first order constructs and which are generally applied in construction IT research. The second being that the objects of study are intelligent entities. An alternative paradigmatic framework is then presented, based not on rationalistic, positivistic philosophy, but on the works of philosophical minority originating in pre-Socratic philosophy. The foundations for the presented framework are provided by the philosophy of Heidegger, the speech act theory of Austin and Searle, Kuhn's philosophy of science and Schoen's discourse on how professionals think in action. The two frameworks are compared. In conclusion, the author claims that sufficient arguments have been provided to back the hypotheses 1 and 2. Based on the findings a research agenda for the next decade is proposed. As to the paradigm shift, however, preliminary findings show that a shift is not imminent. Reasons for that are given."



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