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Paper w78-2001-1:
3-D visualization and animation techniques in structural design education

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Haque M E

3-D visualization and animation techniques in structural design education

Abstract: As technology rapidly changes, the importance of educating and training diverse populations of civil/construction engineering/science students becomes more critical. With the advances in information technology over the last decade, the traditional teaching format of having an individual lecture to an audience has been supplemented, and in some cases, replaced by the rapid development and implementation of new distance learning methods. Traditional lecture format teaching methods sometimes fall short of conveying the complex analysis and design principles that need to be mastered in structural design. However when the theories are exemplified in a virtual environment with multimedia, animation, interaction, and manipulated image visualization techniques, students' conceptual understanding are enhanced. The important advantages of the virtual reality environment over other computer-based design tools, are that it enables the user to interact with the simulation to conceptualize relations that are not apparent from a less dynamic representation, and to visualize models that are difficult to understand in other ways. The interactive nature of virtual environments made it a natural extension to the 3-D graphics that enable students to visualize real life structures before actually building them. The main objective of this research was to create an innovative structural design concept visualization methodology on a web-based interactive virtual environment. The approach adopted in this research was to create the interactive learning environment using Java and Virtual Reality Modeling Languages (VRML). VRML was the primary language used to create a virtual environment and 3-D simulation, and Java applets were created for interactive analysis, design and structural behavior animation over the World Wide Web (WWW). The presented paper illustrates the design concept visualization techniques for reinforced concrete structure analysis and design.



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