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Paper w78-2001-51:
Adding intelligence to project model objects to integrate AEC information

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Sacks R

Adding intelligence to project model objects to integrate AEC information

Abstract: A number of trends in Information Technology (IT) indicate that the challenge of integrating information for construction projects may be best served by tight coupling of application methods with project model objects. A paradigm is proposed in which designers, contractors and suppliers process project information, which is stored on a central server, using application routines which reside with the data objects in the central server. The use of Intelligent Parametric Templates (IPT) in three sample applications is described. These demonstrate how Building Project Models (BPM) can support this vision of Computer Integrated Construction (CIC). Development of such “intelligent” object sets will be financed by construction component suppliers; they will be based on foundation class standards, programmed by software developers, and provided on-line by project management web sites. The obstacles and research requirements relating to the proposed paradigm are discussed, in light of the experience gained in development and use of the IPTs.



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