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Paper w78-2001-54:
IT innovation within the construction organisation

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Whyte J

IT innovation within the construction organisation

Abstract: Whilst sophisticated IT systems are being prototyped in universities, many construction organisations are still failing to implement and use IT to their strategic advantage. To address this, organisational, rather than technical, issues are the focus of this paper. The process by which emerging technologies can be introduced into construction organisations is explored. The case study method was used to study IT implementation within a major house-building company. The company studied set out to introduce a virtual reality system for internal design review by inter-disciplinary teams within its regional offices. The system development and implementation within the organisation is described and this is compared with early CAD development and implementation. The findings provide insight into the process of change, the constraints that inhibit IT implementation and the relationship between new technology and work organisation within construction organisations. They suggest that (1) user-developer communication may be critical for the successful implementation of non-diffused innovations in the construction industry and (2) both strategic decision making by top management and input from technical managers may be required for successful uptake of IT.



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