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Paper w78-2001-66:
Implementing technological change in construction organisations

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Stephenson P, Blaza S

Implementing technological change in construction organisations

Abstract: The developments in information technologies and communications undergo continual change and advancement. Construction organisations, in particular, who wish to embrace technological developments have to adapt to changes in order to meet the challenges of industry. External pressures are often experienced through the demands of both clients and industry, which is also coupled with internal pressures in terms of operating efficiency for competitiveness and profitability. This paper focuses on technological change issues, and in particular, on the implementation of integrated information systems within construction organisations. Specific issues are considered related to methodologies and approaches currently used in practice, in addition to the identification of barriers to successful implementation. Knowledge is also drawn from experiences gain from research on an information system development, together with appropriate steps to promote successful implementation. A proposed methodology is developed and presented suitable for the implementation of integrated information systems within a medium-sized construction organisation.



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