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Paper w78-2001-68:
The integrated use of information technology in the construction industry

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Murray M, Lai A

The integrated use of information technology in the construction industry

Abstract: Over the last 12 months the use of IT in global business has started to move from the theoretically possible to reality. Large sums of venture capital have been invested, and lost, in e-business with the establishment of business-to-business portals, company web sites for information dissemination and sharing and other initiatives. In the construction industry large construction companies are starting to cooperate in setting up procurement web-sites but the general situation is one of fragmentation: IT is used on a task-specific basis as apposed to in an integrated manner by the various professions within the industry. In this paper the authors will report on IT tools available, and in use, along the design – construction production chain: by surveyors, consulting engineers, quantity surveyors, owners, property developers, contractors and subcontractors. It is argued that, with the development of powerful web sites, it will shortly be possible to integrate available software on a project by project basis, leading to increased time and cost efficiency in the construction cycle. Finally, it is pointed out that since IT is a knowledge-based global activity requiring relatively little capital investment there is no reason why African countries shouldn’t quickly join the construction IT revolution.



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