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Paper w78-2002-33:
Mobile computing in construction

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Magdic A, Rebolj D, Cus Babic N, Radosavljevic M

Mobile computing in construction

Abstract: This paper initially presents the potential use of mobile computing in the construction industry. However, it is further assumed that the use of mobile computing can significantly improve the flow of relevant information among the project participants only if the present organisational culture is subject to changes. That is further supported with the results from the experimental study of the potential use of various mobile computing devices in the project information exchange procedures. In this respect only cost effective, commonly available and standardised solutions would prove a project-wide applicability. The final objective of the paper is to show why should be further research on mobile computing more focused on identifying the weaknesses of the present project information exchange procedures and their optimisation according to the applied IT in order to employ all of its advantages.



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Permission to reproduce these documents have been graciously provided by the Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark. The assistnace of the editor, Prof. Kristian Agger, is gratefully aprecciated.


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