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Paper w78-2002-62:
An on-site inspection support system using radio frequency identification tags and personal digital assistants

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Nobuyoshi Yabuki, Yoshikazu Shimada, Kikuo Tomita

An on-site inspection support system using radio frequency identification tags and personal digital assistants

Abstract: Inspectors of buildings including power plants have to carry a bulk of documents and drawings to perform their tasks, otherwise they have to memorize extensive knowledge and data about the structures and facilities. Thus, a light and handy IT solution system for supporting inspectors is desired. In this research, we propose and develop a prototype on-site inspection support system. This system consists of a RFID tag system, a PDA connected to the Internet, a voice input/output system, and a digital camera. In our approach, senior inspectors' knowledge such as advices and warnings regarding each facility and structural member for inspection is input to RFID tags via voice at the site as if the inspector is teaching a junior inspector. And each RFID tag is glued to the facility or member. A junior inspector can obtain such valuable knowledge later on when he or she inspects the building alone from the reader-writer and PDA system. This system will enable senior inspectors to transfer their expertise that can be excited only at the site to a knowledge system. The information in the RFID tags can be altered or augmented when necessary. RFID tags can carry not only inspectors' advices and warnings but also the ID, main feature and recent inspection data of each facility or member. The inspector can have access to the corresponding drawings, specifications, data of testing, etc. from the ID of the RFID tag by the PDA. When more information is needed, the inspector can get information by the PDA from the headquarters databases via the Internet. The sound input system can be used to record sounds of various machines such as generators, compressors, sirens, etc. and the recorded sounds can be analyzed and evaluated on site by this system. Digital photographs can also be taken and stored in the database and compared with the previous ones for inspection purposes.



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