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Paper w78-2002-63:
Defining the matrix of communication processes in the AEC/FM industry: current developments and gap analysis

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Wix J, Katranuschkov P

Defining the matrix of communication processes in the AEC/FM industry: current developments and gap analysis

Abstract: A formal approach for the analysis of AEC/FM related processes has been undertaken in the frames of the EU ICCI cluster project (IST-2001-33022). The approach is based on a modified application of the Generic Process Protocol (GPP) proposed in a research project funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, coupled with a dedicated usage of the UML technique. GPP is applied on high-level, for the definition of a multi-dimensional matrix capturing the classification of roles, activities and communication, together with their interrelationships, whereas UML diagramming is used for detailed representation of sub-processes. The original GPP matrix is modified in accordance with two objectives: (1) to prepare the matrix in a suitable form for database management as well as Web-based presentation and processing, and (2) to improve the capabilities for information capture so that various analyses can be easily performed and reported. In this paper, first the suggested modelling approach is outlined, and then already available results of an ongoing study of current developments are presented and discussed. The reported study synthesises the performed examination of the ICCI member projects OSMOS, ISTforCE, eConstruct, DIVERCITY, eLEGAL and GLOBEMAN and of several other large efforts and literature sources. At the end, future directions for work are extrapolated and some general conclusions regarding further development efforts are drawn.



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Permission to reproduce these documents have been graciously provided by the Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark. The assistnace of the editor, Prof. Kristian Agger, is gratefully aprecciated.


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