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Paper w78-2002-67:
A new formal and analytical approach to modeling engineering project information processes

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Eastman C, Lee G, Sacks R

A new formal and analytical approach to modeling engineering project information processes

Abstract: A current research project within the North American Precast Concrete Industry aims to integrate information both within precast producer companies and between the companies and their suppliers, consultants, contractors, and clients. The first step was to undertake a process modeling study of the activities performed within each consortium company, so as to form the basis for the software specification and later data model. Existing process modeling methods and tools were considered . They do not support: extraction of information used in the activities, analytical validation of the process model and its information flows, comparison of models collected from separate companies across an industry sector, effective use of process model information in deriving a product model. To these ends, we developed an analytic modeling methodology, and implemented a new tool for its use.



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