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Paper w78-2002-69:
Construction field data inspection using pocket PC technology

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Cox S, Perdomo J, Thabet W

Construction field data inspection using pocket PC technology

Abstract: Construction projects are characterized by the large amount of data that needs to be collected, processed, and exchanged among the different project participants. Collection of construction inspection data, in particular, allows field personnel to monitor project performance with the ultimate goal of improving productivity and lowering costs. Current practices for recording and filing of field inspection data are mainly paper-based. This manual process using paper forms is a time consuming and tedious task. Not only is the clerical expense of this process very high, but also the organization and review of the information commands an inordinate amount of time by a project manager, of which most managers posses very little. Continuous evolvement and improvements of the Pocket PC and its hardware/software technologies, including more powerful processors, smaller storage devices, higher quality displays, and wide availability of third party application software, have made it possible for these devices to become stand alone systems with powerful functional capabilities. Because of their high mobility characteristics due to their small size and light weight, Pocket PCs can be used in the construction field to perform various tasks including recording of inspection data. This paper describes an application for automating the collection process of field inspection data using Pocket PCs. The application allows for recording, processing, and distribution of quality compliance inspection information of various tasks performed in the field. The application is developed using HandBaseTM database software from DDH Software, Inc. and is implemented using a Compaq iPAQ H3870 Pocket PC.



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