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Paper w78-2002-90:
Requirements identification for 4D constraintbased construction planning and control system

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Sriprasert E, Dawood N

Requirements identification for 4D constraintbased construction planning and control system

Abstract: Construction planning and control are identified among the top potential areas needing improvements. A traditional technique known as the Critical Path Method (CPM) has been widely criticised in terms of its inability to cope with nonprecedence constraints, difficulty to evaluate and communicate interdependencies, and inadequacy for work-face productions. Attempting to treat these deficiencies, substantial research efforts have resulted in a wide range of advancements including design of new planning and control methodologies and development of sophisticated computerised applications. However, these efforts have not effectively overcome all of the above CPM drawbacks and, therefore, have not yet provided a solution to the industry. This paper identifies requirements for the next generation of the planning and control as multi-constraints, visual, and lean-based system. In order to achieve this goal, important construction constraints and their characteristics are derived from previous literature. Various constraint detection and satisfaction techniques such as knowledge-based system, advanced computational algorithm, and 4D visualisation are also investigated. As a part of the Lean Enterprise Web-based Information System (LEWIS) presented in the companion paper, a developing prototype called 4D constraint-based planning and control system is briefly demonstrated. It is anticipated that successful implementation of this system will enable generation of reliable plans and constraint-free assignments, which will, in turn, reduce production risks and improve on-site productivity.



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