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Paper w78-2003-231:
Network-based co-operation processes for fire protection planning

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Meissner U F, Rueppel U, Greb S, Theiss M

Network-based co-operation processes for fire protection planning

Abstract: To avoid personal and property damages a building has to be planned in accordance with the valid fire protection guidelines. Also with respect to structural alterations the fire protection is a dominant aspect. In order to guarantee the protection objectives in all planning phases, the planning information has to be provided to all designers. Each designer supplies planning information which must be incorporated and considered by other designers. In every building project a new composition of planning partners, processing the distributed information, has to be established. The research project, presented in this contribution, supports the fire protection oriented collaboration between planning partners through the creation of a co-operation network on the basis of software agents. A networkbased co-operation platform to support the process-oriented planning activities has been developed. With regard to the dynamical communication between planning participants a system design with Petri-Nets is presented for process modeling. In addition, the verification of planning steps is enabled by decentralized communication methods in the network. In accordance with their characteristics software agents are well qualified to support the co-operative planning in this network-based environment.



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