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Paper w78-2003-318:
Prophet: a contextual information system framework

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Singhvi V, Terk M

Prophet: a contextual information system framework

Abstract: Construction sites are information intensive environments. The timely and satisfactory completion of any project is dependent on the accessibility of project information to the team members. Accessing this information at the point of work, where and when it will be most effective, has been difficult or impossible. This paper describes Prophet, an information system architecture that integrates contextaware web services to provide construction workers with on-site contextual data and services. The system is designed to run on off-the-shelf handheld computing devices and uses wireless network for communication between the clients and the servers hosting services and data. This allows construction personnel to maintain continuous access to data and services as they move around the job site. The system uses the knowledge of user's context to help in managing the complexity of the construction data by proactively tracking current resource requirements and proactively obtaining access to context-relevant information and services. This paper outlines the architecture of this Prophet framework and provides a detailed description of the local and the network caches that supports context-based queries.



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