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Paper w78-2003-378:
State-of-the-art internet technology in Singapore's construction industry

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Swee-Lean C, Nga-Na L

State-of-the-art internet technology in Singapore's construction industry

Abstract: With the increase in popularity of the use of Internet technology, more and more web-based applications are being developed and adopted by the construction companies. This paper describes the efforts of the Singapore government and individual players in improving the management efficiency of the construction industry through the use of information technology, particularly the Internet service, in the various stages of the construction process. Users, who need to incur large expenses in order to upgrade the manual operational procedures into a computer-driven way of operation, may not be totally satisfied with their investment. Some enhancements to the existing IT tools are expected. An empirical study was conducted in May 2002 to determine the as-is and to-be features of the current Internet tools, the awareness and expectations of the users in Singapore's construction industry. Generally, players in the construction industry are aware of the benefits and potentials of IT tools, but are apprehensive about the investment cost, security and IT infrastructure constraint. Improved speed of data transfer and the incorporation of intelligent and task-based features in the design of future ASPs and web-based construction-related systems are two main concerns among the users.



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