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Paper w78-2003-423:
Mapping the W78 papers onto the construction informatics topic map

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Turk Z, Cerovsek T

Mapping the W78 papers onto the construction informatics topic map

Abstract: In the context of the EU ICCI project, an ontology of the filed of construction informatics (alias construction information technology) has been developed and defined in the form of an ISO/IEC 13250 topic map. The map is based on a generic model of a research process. It structures the field into core and support themes, the core are further split into information and communication related topics. In the context of the EU SciX project a full text electronic bibliography of the CIB W78 since 1988 has been compiled. In the paper we present the results of the mapping of the W78 papers onto the topic map. Two approaches were taken: in the first the papers were mapped into the topics used some heuristics and human intervention. We present statistical analysis and chronology of the topics. In the second, data mining methods were used to define the topic map of W78 automatically. The resulting structure of topics is based purely on the words and phrases of the papers and not on some higher-level structure. We compare this machine generated map with the topic map invented by a human. The latter resulted in topics of more similar sizes and sometimes curious interdependencies.



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