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Paper w78-2003-479:
Adaptations of QFD for constructable designs within a concurrent construction environment: an information modeling approach

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Yang Y Q, Wang S Q, Low S P, Goh B H

Adaptations of QFD for constructable designs within a concurrent construction environment: an information modeling approach

Abstract: Constructable designs have been regarded as an important strategy to enhance overall performance in the construction industry. To achieve constructable designs, the design teams need to respond swiftly and efficiently to client requirements, but also to quickly and effectively exchange design and construction information. However, this process is not always easy due to the entrenched horizontal and vertical fragmentation in the industry. Concurrent engineering principles provide a general framework to realize the integration and improvement of the industry through the use of appropriate models, methods and tools to facilitate their implementation. This paper addresses the challenge of developing an intelligent decision support system (DSS) for constructable designs within a concurrent engineering environment. Quality function deployment (QFD), which is an established method to implement and augment concurrent engineering principles, is adopted to communicate, analyze and satisfy the integrated requirements of design teams' upstream customers, the clients, and their downstream customers, the construction professionals. Intelligent decision support tools are integrated with QFD to facilitate the knowledge transfer and information processing between members of extended design teams. The information model approach is adopted to allow valuable client information and constructability knowledge to be captured within an Industry Foundation Classes (IFC)-based concurrent engineering environment. The resulting model provides an information environment to adapt QFD to support constructable designs.



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