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Paper w78-2004-Paper-4:
Tools to Signal C2C Design Intention

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J Haymaker, M Fischer, K Burke & William McDonough

Tools to Signal C2C Design Intention

Abstract: In this paper, we present a vision and requirements for how IT can support sustainable design and construction in the AEC Industry. We illustrate our vision with examples from a project designed by William McDonough Partners, a leader in the field of the design of sustainable building. As part of the design process, designers develop a multi-disciplinary design narrative that captures the essence of the design and the designers' intentions. However, today's IT does not support designers in developing and maintaining this narrative with the flexibility and integration required. We discuss the extent to which existing IT approaches address the requirements for design tools, and introduce the Perspective Approach as a way forward to address these requirements, applying the Perspective Approach to the examples. The Perspective Approach builds on project modeling approaches to enable engineers to establish the relationships of their information to the information produced by other engineers. In this way, an integrated project model is not prescribed by an a priori defined project modeling schema that has been implemented by software programmers, but emerges as the design evolves in response to project-specific challenges and opportunities. The Perspective Approach is our first attempt at developing a method to enable engineers to document, communicate, and explore the multi-disciplinary design narratives necessary for the design of sustainable buildings.

Keywords: Design Requirements, Sustainable design


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