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Paper w78-2005-a3-3-galach:
Risk assessment in disaster recovery strategies development

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A Galach & Z Kotulski

Risk assessment in disaster recovery strategies development

Abstract: The paper describes the model for selecting disaster recovery strategies for information system. The risk assessment covers the threats and vulnerabilities related to the problem of losing the availability of information processes in the particular information system model. The analysis takes under consideration the relationships between the components of information system in order to find the risk of availability lost propagation within the system. That is the basis for finding the candidate disaster recovery strategies, which have to fulfil these basic requirements. Such an approach allows sifting these ones, which are basically not suitable for the security requirements of the information system. The preliminary accepted strategies are to be analyzed regarding to the estimated cost of implementation and maintenance. The next phase covers the detailed analysis of confidentiality and integrity risks in the candidate strategies. The level of risk related to the confidentiality and integrity of information processed in the disaster situation using given strategy is to be estimated.



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