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Paper w78-2005-a6-4-dakovski:
Economic Expediency of Building Waste Recycling

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TD Dakovsky & RA Zaharieva

Economic Expediency of Building Waste Recycling

Abstract: The economic aspect of recycled building waste use is observed. Technical and economic conditions providing the economic profitability of the recycling facilities, as an investment project realisation, are formulated. The condition, which provides the market competitiveness of the recycled aggregates against the natural ones, is drawn up. The production costs of aggregates recycled from building waste as well as of natural aggregates are grouped. They reflect also the costs of building waste transport to landfills and the disposal fees. Relations between prices of recycled aggregates and of natural ones in some European Union countries are indicated. Accent is put on some of the reasons, causing skepticism in the potential users about recycled building waste and recommendations are given for their better market presentation.



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