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Paper w78-2005-d2-4-jacoski:
Prototype of semantic interoperability between different modalities of 2D-CAD design

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CA Jacoski

Prototype of semantic interoperability between different modalities of 2D-CAD design

Abstract: The diffusion of specific computational tools for Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) has generated a great amount of digital data in the last years. However, it is necessary for the sector to promote a standardization of such data so that they can be shared among the participants and partners of a design project. Trying to correct the problem of information exchange and mainly of data interoperability, a research project was carried out within design offices in the south of Brazil, identifying the problems and quantifying losses according to the lack of interoperability. For generation of information starting from the CAD design and as a way of enlarging the communication among the partners, a study was held about the use of the IFC classes (Industry Foundation Classes) - a pattern used to transfer data among design modalities. The result was an application of syntactic conversion of attributes of the IFC classes for XML, to attest the viability of technical integration and to transfer information to a web-based environment. As a result of the investigation, a prototype was elaborated for transferring information from CAD design to web-based applications. By using IFC classes, a program was developed in Java language for the syntactic and semantic exchange, with the automatic conversion of the information for standard XML. It was observed that the decrease of interoperability problems, checking the viability of technical integration of the design with the shared information through the web.



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