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Paper w78-2009-1-06:
Check-mate: automatic constraint checking of IFC models

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R.A. Niemeijer, B. de Vries & J. Beetz

Check-mate: automatic constraint checking of IFC models

Abstract: Building Information Models (BIMs) allow for computationally checking whether a building design satisfies all the building codes, requirements, etc. if constraints are included in the model. One application for this is mass customization in the housing sector, when clients modify the design without help from the architect. This paper describes the technical aspects of checking constraints on a building model. Specifically, we look at the feasibility of checking constraints on an IFC model by creating a prototype in which constraints can be entered and checked on an imported IFC model. Conclusions are drawn on the suitability of the IFC model and how IFC can be extended or adjusted to support constraint checking.



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