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Paper w78-2009-1-10:
Engineering communication - current view on past and future

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R. Klinc, M. Dolenc & . Turk

Engineering communication - current view on past and future

Abstract: Since the end of the 1990s the problem of engineering communication, collaboration and collaborative working environments has been addressed by a number of national and European projects. All projects have some common denominators with the vision of developing the infrastructure that would change the way professionals work being the most obvious one. This is especially true for dynamic and mobile environments such as AEC industry, where time constraints often play important role and present the difference between success and failure. In the following years the construction industry will have to deal with the changes that newly developed IT Ecosystems are bringing and to cope with the shift from self-integrating technology and software investments based on ownership to those based on subscription (that is assembled, managed and maintained by the outside provider). The authors claim that newly emerged trend known as Enterprise 2.0 could offer solution to ever-present problems of AEC industry.



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