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Paper w78-2009-1-31:
Ontology-Based Dynamic Process Support on the Example of Defect Management

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P. Katranuschkov, K. Rybenko & R. J. Scherer

Ontology-Based Dynamic Process Support on the Example of Defect Management

Abstract: In construction projects, characterised by one-of-a-kind products and processes and frequently changing everyday tasks, achievement of dynamic process support is a critical success factor. However, current process management techniques rarely provide adequate dynamicity. In this paper we describe an ontology-based approach enabling dynamic construction of (sub)process chains with the help of pre-defined reusable business process objects coherently integrating processes with resources, services and responsible persons/teams for their execution. The paper presents the background of the approach, discusses the developed ontology framework and outlines the current environment and services with which it is used. The development work on domain-specific level targets the area of defect management which, due to the thousands of defects that have to be handled in parallel and the large number of unpredictable situations that have to be dealt with in a project, is an area of high process-related complexity. The reported research is largely done in the frames of the integrated German project BauVOGrid (2007-2010).



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