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Paper w78-2009-1-35:
A Declarative Approach to Cross-Domain Model Analysis

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U. Hartmann & P. von Both

A Declarative Approach to Cross-Domain Model Analysis

Abstract: The analysis of digital models requires in-depth knowledge of the semantical, syntactical and technical specification of the model schema and its internal representation in the computer. Taking this huge overhead into account, the preparation steps for conducting an analysis onto a digital model can get more dominant than the analysis itself. Beyond that, people involved in providing the technical infrastructure and people conducting the analysis often do not share the same skill set. Productivity gains could be expected, if one side could concentrate on the conceptual-part of the analysis and the other part could focus into the implementation-part of digital model analysis. The concept shown here enables analysts to express elements and terms of an analysis in their own domain-specific language, while the underlying mapping between the conceptual and the technical view onto the system can be set up in a generalized and extensible fashion using state-of-the-art software concepts.



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