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Paper w78-2009-1-39:
Modelling of buildings and projects with utility assessment

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_. Jarský

Modelling of buildings and projects with utility assessment

Abstract: The paper describes the methodology of computer modelling of the building process of facilities and projects with utility assessment and the main principles of the integrated cost estimation, project management and quality assurance microcomputer based system developed recently. This expert system is based on quick modeling of the building process by use of typical construction technology network diagrams, which can be prepared in advance. The typical network diagrams can be modified according to the spatial conditions of a certain building and to the amount of construction works and materials. For utility assessment a vector of 10 main aspects (criteria) was created with a common measure unit and certain level of importance each. A database of construction processes was created including the aspects for utility assessment. Thanks to these features the model of the building process can be made about 50 times quicker than current project management systems and it can be used for bidding, project planning and management and utility assessment.



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