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Paper w78-2009-1-48:
Interoperability Challenges of an Engineering Software Provider

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T. Rácz & T. Olofsson

Interoperability Challenges of an Engineering Software Provider

Abstract: The purpose of the paper is to give the view and experiences of a building analysis and design software provider on interoperability matters. The paper intends to show the difficulties the company faces during selecting the right approach for handling interoperability tasks especially cross-discipline data transfer tasks. It also will show how other influential solution provider’s approach and global interoperability alliances like the International Alliance of Interoperability (IAI) affects the software design strategy. Obstacles in the way of providing better quality implementation of interoperability solutions and in formulating a transparent and reliable interoperability strategy for the future are going to be identified. The paper also takes a glance at the company’s vision on the future of software interoperability for engineering and the topics considered as target for future research.



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